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Capacity Building Logo

现金娱乐网注册 is committed to building the capacity of the homeless services industry. We believe that by strengthening the homeless service workforce at an organizational level, providers will be able to improve and enhance the services offered to our homeless neighbors.

Hiring Support

Need assistance recruiting qualified professionals? Learn how 现金娱乐网注册 can help! Email Capacitybuilding@laimapiano.com for more information on how to connect with a recruiter.

Technical Assistance

Need help strengthening operational infrastructure? Apply for a technical assistance grant!

Hiring Support

现金娱乐网注册 is working with temporary recruiters to assist with identifying qualified professionals to fill critical staff positions at community-based organizations. To learn more, please email capacitybuilding@laimapiano.com.

Provider Jobs

To increase exposure to jobs currently available across the County, 现金娱乐网注册 has restructured its job opportunities page linking to employment opportunities available at community-based organizations. Visit the job opportunities page to view existing opportunities.

Beginning July 1, if you are registered as an administrative user in MyOrg, please log in to add your agency’s information. Simply update your Org Profile in MyOrg, and your agency’s link will be automatically added.

Technical Assistance

The Capacity Building Request for Proposals (RFP) is supported by United Way’s Home For Good Funders Collaborative (Funders Collaborative) and 现金娱乐网注册. Through this RFP, non-profit homeless service providers and developers in Los Angeles County can apply for funding to strengthen their operational infrastructure and internal processes. The overall goal of capacity building is to help organizations enhance the quality of service delivery to unhoused individuals in the community and progress towards achieving their mission.

Organizations may apply for either Assessment or Implementation & One-Time Infrastructure depending on the unique needs and goals of the organization. Please see the Find Your Fit chart and the Capacity Building Information Packet to help you figure out where to get started with this capacity building opportunity!

Capacity Building Resource Bank


The essential logistics of running programs and an organization are the focus of this section, including fundraising, human resources, evaluation, quality assurance control, staffing, and strategic communications.

Board Development

An effective and engaged board of directors can help an organization achieve its mission. This section contains a wide variety of resources for all stages of board development and operation, including: key board documents and processes, recruitment and composition, orientation, meetings, committees, board staff interaction, and values and Ethics


From succession planning and managing burnout to running meetings and vetting opportunities, this section contains resources to help support your organization and leaders.

Capacity Building Planning

The section contains resources to help streamline and formalize your organizations capacity building efforts with both a simple and in depth sample plan.


These resources center around the theory and strategy, including change management, theory of change, writing an impact statement, programmatic decision making, and implementation.